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Our awesome client, Mrs Elswood (the number one Pickled Cucumber brand in the UK, in case you didn’t know!) challenged us to create a splash for them, for Picnic Week 2019.

And we thought, YES! Everyone needs to be reminded that pickled cucumbers are the perfect summers food. They’re amazing as a snack, on burgers, sandwiches, salads – whatever the occasion, whatever the food, it has to be Mrs Elswood. Can you tell we’re in the fanclub?

For this year’s official “Picnic Week”, we decided to do a Mrs Elswood Takeover, announcing the first ever “Pickle-Nic Week”. We ran a 10-day campaign with components including; awareness adverts, a photoshoot to create social media content and the most exciting part – an influencer campaign.

Mrs Elswood Pickle-nic Week Instagram Grid

We managed to recruit a team of Pickle champions to work with us on our Pickle Passion Project and luckily, they were just as obsessed (if not more so) about Mrs Elswood pickles as us. And of course, all of our Pickle-vengers were ALL-IN for creating some Pickle-themed picnic content and spreading the good word with their followers.

To maximise the reach of our campaign during Picnic Week 2019, awareness adverts went live ahead of (and ran throughout) Pickle-Nic Week. Influencers were selected and briefed in the weeks before, all rising to the challenge of creating their own Pickle-nic to share on social media – tagging Mrs Elswood and #PicklenicWeek and expanding the reach of our campaign to their combined followings.

Mrs Elswood Pickle-nic Week Awareness Adverts


The results were fantastic, with reach on Facebook posts up by 113% for May and Instagram follower growth rate up by a huge 25%. This is a huge jump and a great return on investment for what was a relatively short campaign with a small budget. Combining our own content and awareness adverts, with the might of our team of influencer really helped to optimise the budget and resources we had available – resulting in an extremely successful first annual Pickle-nic Week for Mrs Elswood!

The influencers really rose to the occasion, creating some amazing Instagram and Stories content, which we were then able to share on the Mrs Elwood channels. If you missed the action, see below for a few of our favourites, search the #PicklenicWeek hashtag on Instagram, or you can head to our Pickle-nic Week Stories highlight and relive the dream!

And if you want to find out how we can make your campaign dreams come to life – get in touch.



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#ad | It’s officially #PicklenicWeek with @mrselswood classic pickles! Quick, grab your baskets and get out there while the sun’s still about. . These make perfect sandwiches additions (like on my open rye sandwiches here), and burger and hotdog toppings. I also eat them as a snack straight from the jar tbh. . Ad post aside, I’ve honestly grown up with these pickles – Mrs Elswood’s face was always peering back at me whenever my miniature self would go raiding the cupboards. There’s a reason why the brand’s been around for so long, and it’s because they’re just bloody good. . {Gifted} . . . . #spon #picnic #summerinlondon #pickles #picklejar #opensandwiches #swedishfood #scandinavianfood #sandwiches #sandwichgram #sandwichlover #sandwichporn #picnictime #picknickbasket #alfresco #diningalfresco #foodphotography #foodwriter #foodphotographer #londonfoodblogger #britishfood #londonfoodie foodiepics #londonfoodphotographer

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