Meet the Team

Being Brilliant 

Freeing Potential

Our job is to show our clients what they’re truly capable of. We uncover their potential through bright, brilliant ideas formed by a deep understanding of brands and consumers. Through years of experience, we’ve developed the creative instincts, insights and agility needed to sidestep the obvious and the cliché and cut straight to the heart of success.

Do What’s Right 

Doing the right thing is there within us at a molecular level. You’ll see it everywhere you care to look, from who we choose to work with to our transparency in planning and costing. If it’s right for our clients, their brand and their consumers, then it’s right for us.
And if it’s not, then we’ll speak up and say so.

Make It Brilliant

Making it brilliant guides everything we do, from the care and attention
we give our clients to the focus on the wellbeing of our staff and our planet.

Powerful Partnerships

Collaborative working relationships bring out the best in all of us so we take the time to really understand our clients. We offer guidance, ask questions and encourage them beyond their comfort zones. 

Laurra Davis

Founder & Creative Director

Mike Davis

Managing Director

Lynne Ella Pearson

Studio Director

Claire Greenall

Head of Accounts

Ryan Spence

Head of Design

Susie Dickens

Account Manager

Jonny Corrall


Andrew Rowley

PR & Marketing Manager

Jack Liebster

Social Media Account Manager

Torben Griffin-Shaw

Junior Designer

Cameron Perry

Social Media & PR Executive

Millie Mckenzie

Senior Social Media Executive

Jenny Kay

Photographer & Content Creator

Ellie Williams

Social Media Executive

Paegan Ward

Finance Controller