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Very Lazy

National Holidays

American Cereal Club

Goodfella’s Pizza


Shepherds Purse

Yorkshire Provender

Beanies Flavour Coffee

Honey Monster Puffs

From not understanding a thing about either the mechanics or value of social media our colleagues at Brilliant Social Media have demonstrated the effect that it can have on top line sales giving us the resultant benefit on our bottom line, all I can say is.... Brilliant!

John Evans - Managing Director - Beanies The Flavour Co.

As well as content, Brilliant have also managed the customer service elements of our social channels. This has been carried out with the utmost professionalism throughout. Brilliant have also jumped on any customer complaints in a timely and efficient manner, offering feedback to the customer almost straight away.

Alex Brown - Goodfella's Pizza

”Brilliant are brilliant! We fully consider the team as part of our team. We’ve found our kindred spirits, a team of individuals who truly love and appreciate ice cream as much as us! They totally get ‘us’ which makes working together straight forward. We’re looking forward to achieving great things together next year“

Liena Wright – Marketing Director – Northern Bloc