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November 26, 2021

The Power Of Foodporn

The Power Of Foodporn    When I say ‘foodporn’, what do you think of? And please, try and keep your answer clean. To be clear here, I’m talking about those meals that are akin to the ambrosia of the gods…
July 2, 2020

Briiv, as nature intended

Briiv is quickly becoming an exciting new product designed to purify the air whilst being environmentally friendly. It’s this particular USP that pushes the Briiv Air Purifier above its competitors, and allows it to stand out from the crowd, as…
July 2, 2020

Twitter Launches Scheduling Tool

In May, Twitter announced that they’d updated their features to allow users to schedule Tweets on the web app platform. As a community manager, this is BIG news. Working on a laptop for 9 hours of my day means it’s…
April 20, 2020

How to stay positive whilst WFH

I think it’s fair to say a LOT has changed, very quickly, over the last couple of weeks, and one of those things (albeit one of the smaller changes) is our new working environments. Due to recent events, a lot…
March 24, 2020

Mighty P.O.S

As part of Mighty Pea’s new Barista launch, we were tasked with creating a series of branded POS that will be used in cafes and coffee shops throughout the UK. The message behind the POS was simple… highlight the benefits…