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The Instagram algorithm has been a talking point for the platform for years now. Questions of how it works, why certain posts ‘flop’ and what clients can do about it are always thrown our way here at Brilliant. The answer isn’t always straight forward, but there is one thing you can do now – and for free – that will help. Get on board with Reels.

You might have noticed – and been thrown off by the fact – that the new layout on the app has changed within the past few weeks. Where you would typically tap to view your likes etc is now a shop feature and the old ‘New Post’ button is now Reels. This hasn’t been a random decision by the social giants, it has all been done to get us spending more time on the app (we’re having major flashbacks to The Social Dilemma just thinking about this), but if it means organic growth for our clients then we’re all for it! So how can you use them in the best way to boost your reach and follower count?

1. Check your explore page regularly

This is the best way to check what is trending and most importantly, relevant to accounts similar to your own. Take note of the songs they feature and the content shown: Is it a challenge? Or perhaps it features a certain trend within your niche? Does it have any text in it? These are all things that you can use to create your own Reels, but make sure you’re not just doing a copy & paste job – make it authentic to you!

2. Create content that makes your audiences life easier

Everyone loves a hack nowadays. Anything that makes life easier or solves an issue will be a winner in the eyes of your audience. For our food & drinks clients this could be in the form of a recipe, how to get a perfectly risen cake, or even how to make the perfect Dalgona coffee – we’re still making these 4 months on. Educational posts have always gotten an extra boost by the algorithm on Instagram, so put that into a Reel and you’re onto a sure thing.

3. Get creative with influencers

Influencer marketing can be a cost-effective way of marketing your product to the right audience, however Reels can make this process so much more effective. Do you have a product launch coming up and a list of say, 10 influencers who you want to use for it? Why not brief them all on a specific part for the same Reels video. Not only do you get all 10 influencers talking about your product on a feature that is in total growth mode, but you’ll be boosting your reach by 1000% by having them all share, tag and comment on the same post. Winning.

I hope those tips help when it comes to creating content for Reels, we personally love a good Reel and TikTok video, so let us know how you get on!