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JellySqueeze ticks all the boxes as a healthy, on-the-go snack for active kids:

  • No artificial colours
  • No preservatives
  • Made with Real Fruit Juice
  • No added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Gluten and dairy-free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

It’s the absolute dream product for a parent – it’s a convenient, pocket-sized pouch that you can sup then put away for later. Honestly, though, it tends to all go down in one hit with my three-year-old as you can see below:

With a strong focus on crafts in the last few years, we wanted to change it up a bit and feature more lifestyle photography so the key audience can relate to the product seeing it in action, in the hands of those that love it best – kids.

Using a mixture of user-generated content and studio photography, we wanted the content to continue to be fun, engaging and relatable, whilst featuring the product in lifestyle situations and promoting their stockists.

With a goal of repositioning them as the ideal snack option for active kids, we want to ensure we can support their events across the UK throughout 2020, where JellySqueeze is typically provided as part of goodie bags at running events for young kids. They get involved in some really great events from the Great North Mini & Junior Run to the Brighton Mini Miles Race and we want to highlight this!

At the end of the day, all a parent needs to know is how much is it and where can they find it! And typically priced at 5 pouches for £2, it’s an absolute steal in Asda.