The Brief

Earth & Wheat is a brand on a mission — a mission to reduce food waste through their sustainable subscription box service.

By preventing wonky or surplus produce from disposal on production lines, the brand is able to deliver high-quality breads and vegetables to its consumers via regular deliveries, or even one-off purchases.

After just three years, they now have a consistent subscriber base, but their goal is to maintain that sense of dedicated community on social media.

They were looking for a social agency that could maximise their organic content, while also increasing audience interactivity with community management.

In particular, they wanted a full digital strategy which would help grow the brand across multiple social channels, particularly Meta platforms. They wanted content creation which could drive engagement and ultimately, turn interactivity into new subscriptions.

Our Approach 

After evolving and developing their existing social media strategy, we first went about building out a new content plan for Earth & Wheat’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok platforms.

The content goal was to set clear pillars, and link Earth & Wheat-aligned graphics, photography and reels back to their mission by including clear brand cues and speaking to the ethos of their community by creating sustainable, foodie content.

With an improved graphic style and our own high-quality photography and videography, their Instagram and Facebook content became a healthy mix of zero-waste recipes, interesting infographics, seasonal produce information and deep dives hero-ing the products.

To encourage engagement, we also introduced more Story content, competitions, quizzes and UGC highlights such as “VEGucation” to share storage hacks and highlight ingredients in Bread & Veg combi boxes. The aim here was to create an incredibly active and sustainably-led content schedule that focused on family meals and lifestyles.

We make our content work hard for clients at Brilliant, so this content was then re-purposed for TikTok and Linkedin. Particularly on LinkedIn, we have increased channel growth through peppering in sales content with business-focused themes. We’ve created a feed speaking to like-minded brands who are engaged with their corporate social responsibilities, and targeted companies who are interested in having their surplus stock rescued by Earth & Wheat.


Social Media Strategy – Social Media Management – Community Management – Food Styling – Photography – Tone of Voice – Videography 


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