Social media for iconic food brand SPAM®️


The Brief

Although its iconic status can’t be disputed, how does SPAM® stay relevant in the 21st century?

With the cost of living crisis seeing many consumers turn to own-brand labels, the SPAM® brand found themselves seeking a new strategy that would drive sales and sustain the brand long term.

The SPAM® brand is a huge part of world culture and has inspired everything from musicals and festivals to the name of your junk email box.

Our brief was to ensure the SPAM® craze continues for existing and new audiences. We needed to capture the versatility, taste and quality of SPAM® products for those who’ve never experienced it, as well as appeal to brand devotees with engaging, humorous content that reaffirms the cult of SPAM®.

Our Approach 

Our sole aim was to grow engagement and awareness of the SPAM® brand, using audience data to underpin our content strategy.

Using this data, we expanded SPAM®’s content pillars and built out their key messages to ensure a wider range of content which inspires, informs, engages and educates.

This included traditional no-nonsense recipes for the loyalists, inspirational recipe content for the SPAM® Curious, and history, trivia and debunking of misinformation for the remaining unconvinced!

To help strengthen this community, we also built out a new tone of voice, incorporating northern UK humour to create a warm, friendly persona that held up a mirror to SPAM® loyalists. This helps all our content be more relatable and also drives engagement through community management.

Crucially, we just want to get the amazing followers involved; encouraging UGC, maximising interaction through competitions and creating new SPAM® fans!


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