The Brief

An actually healthy lunchbox you can buy on the go, Pollen + Grace is a pin-up for better lunches – well-balanced, colourful and raring to go.

So when we were asked to helm their socials, we knew it was a brand we wanted to get behind!

Looking to move their content forward from just basic food photography, we began devising a social media strategy that would help make Pollen + Grace a cultural movement – a better lifestyle through better lunching habits!

Our Approach 

Pollen + Grace has an almost never-ending list of benefits for both health and lifestyle, but we boiled this down to just one key proposition for their social media outreach, focusing on their slogan ‘Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better’.

In taking over their channels, our aim was to create a new distinctive look and feel for the brand, helping them become more distinguishable from the crowded competitor space.

To bring the content forward, we also looked at how to bring more interactivity to the feeds, enticing potential consumers while keeping their existing fanbase engaged.

Our design team began by creating a bold, vibrant and punchy new aesthetic, one which reflected the colourful nature of the products themselves. We also felt it was important to start heroing the Pollen + Grace yellow used in their packaging, reinforcing brand image and colour across the feed.

To echo the visual changes, we then devised a new TOV to match, writing copy in a natural, punchy style that’s passionate but to the point.

In terms of brand strategy, we then sought about creating a more holistic community beyond just a love of the product, with initiatives like ‘Lunch Club’. Lunch Club allows P+G to bring in a more unique group of paid influencers, with instructional videos on yoga, outdoor activities and more to help people get a better work/lunch balance.

But as well as reinventing the feed, we’ve made sure to get the Pollen + Grace name out there with a series of ad campaigns – including a Green Jinn partnership which garnered over 300,000 impressions for the brand!

"Not only are Brilliant a joy to work with but their approach to social media is considered, structured and detailed. Since working with Brilliant, we’ve seen a significant improvement to both our reach and engagement and have established a consistent presence across our key channels. The benefit of having many different skill sets and expertise available across the team has been very beneficial to us at this stage of our growth!”

Kerry Hopkins - Head of Creative + ContentPollen + Grace


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