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The outbreak of COVID-19 has taught me a number of things:

  1. I love going to bars, pubs, restaurants and cafés
  2. I love non-essential travel
  3. I took all of this for granted
  4. Online shopping is dangerous and I have a passion for it

One of our clients, Beanies Flavour Coffee, has an extremely passionate audience who love all things Beanies. It’s an absolute pleasure doing their socials and I always feel like part of the squad.

Throwback to 20th March 2020 (feels like a lifetime ago now), the UK government told all Cafés, restaurants, bars and pubs to shut in order to combat coronavirus. Everyone was told to stay inside, stop non-essential travel and things got super serious.

Beanies don’t currently have a Café, so this decision didn’t affect their business, however, it did affect the Beanies audience so they could no longer go out to their local café for a natter and a hot drink. The Brilliant team listened to this news and decided it was time to open a Beanies Café- a virtual café.

We set the café up in a number of days and it’s safe to say it’s been a huge success. It’s a safe place for people to come and have a natter, share their tips, recipes and of course, chat about Beanies!

From a brand perspective, groups are a great way to join customers together in a way that Instagram and Facebook Pages can’t. They allow people to come together, share photos, discuss issues, hobbies and chat more openly than profiles. You can monitor what customers are saying about your product, and it’s a great insight into consumer behaviour. You can announce new products, share offers whilst breaking down the customer/brand barrier.

Beanies Café is the start of something big, so come on down!é1