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To commemorate our 10th anniversary, we thought we’d brew up some Brilliant Branded Beer – a drink to celebrate our decade of success!

Everything from the beer’s concept and name to its design was put together by us this month and we worked alongside Bob’s Boozy Brewery to help us with the brewing!

So, why is our Brilliant Beer called TIN TIN TIN?

In Yorkshire speak, it means “It isn’t in the tin”, and if you want to wrap your head around that, then let us explain…

TIN. This right here is a tin of beer.

TIN. It’s what you get your other half for a 10th anniversary.

TIN (TIN TIN) is a cry from a Yorkshire person whose tin is empty.

Put it all together, you get TIN TIN TIN by Brilliant, a beer that celebrates the creativity and roots behind our decade long success.

Ten Years. One Beer – A decade of making it Brilliant!

A beautifully complex tinny, our design department devised this Brilliant Beer with a view to capturing all the little aspects that define who we are.

And if you look closely, you might just recognise a few of the icons!

Over the last week, we’ve not only been celebrating all the best parts of Brilliant agency, we’ve also been teasing their illustrated idents – all of them now majestically woven into the Brilliant Beer tapestry!

So please join us in raising a glass to Brilliant on our 10th birthday – because you’re only ten once and we’ve aimed to honour it in style!