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I know what you’re thinking, pretty odd blog choice for the copywriter in the team!? BUT having an understanding of content curation from start to finish can make life a lot easier when writing copy and, luckily enough, that’s exactly what we’re able to do at Brilliant!

Client photoshoots are a big, exciting part of what we do here at Brilliant, and being involved in the photoshoots is always a bonus! Being able to learn from the photographer and grab some insights into how and why certain shots are placed and positioned the way they are, all to create the best effect, is an invaluable skill. Although, with the amount of photography and content we are faced with on social media, it’s certainly not as easy as it used to be – simply photographing a product on its own. Without realising it, as generations go on, we develop a critial eye because we’re scrolling through hundreds of images a day on Instagram and Facebook. 

Having spent the best part of 2018 travelling around Asia, I’m not unfamiliar with seeking out cool, interesting spots to create unique photography and content. But it’s not as easy as it may look. Don’t get me wrong, everywhere you look throughout the majority of Asia, it’s beautiful, interesting and unique in some way, which is a true treat to the personal eye, but to the wider travel blogger community, this may not be as unique as you’d hope! Specifically, with travel photography, you’ll come across thousands of photos all in the same spots around Asia and, especially if you’re wanting to dive into the travel blogger/travel influencer world, you’ve got a lot of competition to get your images to stand out. Try searching ‘Handara Gate – Bali’ on your own Instagram account and watch how many variations of the similar image pop up. All beautiful, but after seeing a couple, well, you get the idea! 

You may be faced with very similar challenges when creating a photography brief for a brand. What can you do to initially stop people scrolling on their feed? And then grab their attention enough to interest them? And then convince them to buy into your brand/product? 

Last month, myself, Shane – a member of the design team, and Lottie – our photographer, headed to the streets of Leeds to capture some cool, urban photography for our creative American Soda brand – Soda Folk. 

Luckily enough, Leeds is the perfect city to display Soda Folk’s colourful, bold personality, with an abundance of art walls, colourful buildings and lively, modern streets! It’s important that photography isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but that it represents the brand’s personality and style. We had a hit list of places on our brief but the majority of the photography came from those unexpected finds, just exploring the streets of Leeds. Wanting to portray their interesting, friendly personality, no two shots were the same on this particular shoot, we grabbed a good one and moved on! We kept it busy, colourful, interesting and people-oriented. 

It’s always a great experience jumping on the content curation process at different stages and this excursion was no exception! It carries a lot of valuable weight to know your client’s personality, style and how they want to portray themselves on social media when walking onto a photoshoot – it’s all key!

Every brief we write for a photoshoot (or otherwise!) is thoroughly researched, conceptualised and has input from creative minds across our team of content creators.

If you’d like to find out how we can make your next creative brief come to life, get in touch.