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It’s officially Christmas when…

Growing up in the UK, there are sure signs that Christmas is fast approaching; when certain products hit the shelves, particular adverts hit the TV and when cafes release that well-loved festive food and drink range. One of the biggest indications is when advent calendars start rolling onto the shelves thick and fast – once you spot one, you spot them all! BUT gone are the days of grabbing the standard chocolate calendar from the local supermarket, we’re now faced with a decision that goes beyond a festive shaped chocolate and deep into the world of snacks, beer, coffee, candles, dog treats… you name it! The Grocer takes a look at some on the market this year, ranging from Scrumbles’ pet treats calendar, boostbox’s healthy snacks and Crafty Nectors’ world first cider calendar.

One of our clients, Beanies Coffee, brought out their own festive flavoured coffee calendar which has proven to be extremely popular amongst their large audience following.

So, before starting the Christmas countdown, it may be worth having a think about what you most fancy waking up to in the lead up… the options seem to be endless.

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(📷: Beanies)


Brewdog opens mini-hotels in Scotland

This week the craft beer pioneers at BrewDog announced their latest move to elbow in further on the hospitality industry. These new hotels called ‘BrewDog Kennels’ are first landing in Scotland, where BrewDog hails from, and are aiming to be the ‘happiest places on earth’. This isn’t the first accommodation location that BrewDog have opened. The big dog brewers opened the DogHouse, a massive 42-acre unit, in Columbus, Ohio last year.

Obviously, these little highland-adjacent hotels will be stacked out with the BrewDog brews we know and love, but with a few bonus extras like shower beers, record players, guitars and rental bikes on offer, it definitely sounds like the doghouse is the place to be.

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You can now study to be an influencer

There is now a degree that young, budding influencers can take in Italy to aid them in fulfilling all their influencer dreams…

The online eCampus offers a three-year course to earn a degree in social media influencing. What’s the aim of this degree? To “fill the educational gap” and help students learn all the skills needed to become an A* influencer. The course will offer modules in fashion, psychology, semiotics and the philosophy of language, TV history, intercultural communications, IT, just to mention a few.

Morning Consult conducted a survey on a selection of Gen Z and Millennials, and 56% of them said they would like to become an influencer, so why not create a degree in it? Makes sense…

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