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As part of Mighty Pea’s new Barista launch, we were tasked with creating a series of branded POS that will be used in cafes and coffee shops throughout the UK. The message behind the POS was simple… highlight the benefits of the product to the consumer.

Unlike other dairy-free products on the market that has a tendency to split when added to tea or coffee, the new Barista blend is a true champion of the milk world and withstands that awkward splitting in hot drinks. This key characteristic was, of course, the main USP to shout about throughout all pieces of communication.

For the Barista blends initial launch it was agreed that we would create posters, stickers and a table talker based upon Mighty Pea’s new brand guidelines. For this reason, it was decided to pull typographic elements from the pack itself, and use the cartons unmistakable grey, paired with their corporate cream to add a splash of colour. Mighty Pea’s new brand guidelines are great for adding interest and colour to pieces of external communications, hence why we felt it necessary to bring in just the right amount of colour to the POS.

The Design