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As I write this, we are in 2020 and have arguably spent more time than ever on electronic devices. From working at home on a laptop and marathon sessions staring at the TV to being glued to our phones and more than likely a tablet too, we’ve never put our eyes under more strain.

There are some simple steps you can take to minimise the impact of all the extra screen action we’re getting.

  1. Sleep
    The better rested we are the better our bodies recover and prepare for the next day. Turn the screens off at least an hour before bed and switch your phone onto flight mode for a better slip into slumber.
  2. Lighting
    We all know screens emit light and the lighting in your room can cause extra eye strain as your eyes adjust from one to the other. Try to get as much natural light as possible and match your lighting to be as close to your screen as possible. It may surprise you just how bright you have your devices set. Turn them down and utilise night mode to your advantage.
  3. Fresh Air
    We’ve all been there… a quick check of our social media or a sneaky peruse on our favourite online shops can see lose a whole morning, afternoon or evening. Use your garden, local parks and walkways to take time each day off-screen and into the fresh air. Appreciating some time away from sensory overload is essential when and where you can get it.
  4. Eye Health
    Even if you don’t feel your vision is drastically worse, it’s worth keeping your eye health in check. The extra strain will always come when a prescription is needed, even if your vision doesn’t feel particularly bad. Book that appointment!
  5. Breaks
    Set a timer, use the 20-20-20 rule, plan your days… breaks are essential, even when you’re busy. They add structure to your day and also some much-needed rest for your peepers.
  6. Supportive Seating
    Much like the rest of the list, this one is about self-awareness. How many times have you had to prize yourself from the sofa only to realise you’ve almost become permanently stuck in a very poorly supported position? Chances are, if like me, you’ve hunched over and been looking at a screen for far too long. Get moving, take some deep breaths and a look out the window to bring back your self-awareness.