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If you haven’t heard of the fun-loving coffee brand – Beanies, you need to have a browse because everyone needs a social friend like Beanies. 

Beanies bring an enormous amount of excitement to social media with their energetic, bouncing personality and a large selection of fun flavoured coffees including White Choc & Raspberry, Irish Cream and Sticky Toffee Pudding. 

To keep things fresh and constantly evolving, it was time for a slight change in style for the coffee brand. This is social media, after all, and new styles evolve every single day, therefore it’s important for brands to keep moving, keep evolving and keep pushing the boundaries of design on social media. 

How has it changed?

Prior to us re-working the Beanies style, Beanies brought the colours used in their product labels to life, through colourful backdrops, brightly coloured props and fun graphic illustrations. Each photo was particularly busy and incorporated much more than just the product itself.

We also chose to keep the involvement of people pretty minimal. We kept the focus purely on Beanies, their products and their recipes. When the Beanies community grew in followers, we were able to learn a lot more about the specific audience and how the audience were photographing their own experiences with Beanies. This inspired our next steps when creating a new style for the brand.

Here’s a short breakdown of the steps we took when it came to creating a new style for their social appearance.

Where to start?

Go back to the drawing board… remind yourself of the backbone of the brand and the key messages they want to push through their social channels. 

We needed to ensure their personality remained consistent and was still portrayed through their creative, after all, this is what their target audience know and love. We also needed to ensure the product itself remained at the heart of the content because Beanies is all about pushing the flavoured coffee boundaries and, at the heart of it all, it’s their product that does this! 

What does the target audience relate to/want to see?

It’s always a good idea to look at the images that the target audience are tagging the Beanies account in. This is a key insight that can tell you where the audience are enjoying the product, what they’re doing when they’re enjoying the product, similar things (food/toppings) they’re enjoying at the same time and the kind of images they like to see/take. 

For Beanies, we know the majority of their target audience are enjoying their Beanies Coffee in the comfort of their own home, whilst relaxing or having breakfast. We, therefore, knew we needed to position the Beanies product in a similar setting so that it becomes relatable for our audience. 

The Beans behind Beanies

As mentioned previously, Beanies is a chatty, friendly, fun brand that loves engaging with their audience any time they can – they’re everyone’s friend!

It was time to start introducing a couple of lifestyle shots to the feed so the audience could start relating actual people to the Beanies brand – not so much faces, but hands, legs and arms. It reminds the audience that there are a bunch of people behind Beanies and that they’re not just an online company – it adds a personable feel to the brands’ accounts. 

Tie it all together… 

It’s then time to collate your ideas and reasons together and create a mood board and colour theme to give a secure direction when it comes to the photoshoot. 

Anything from the photoshoot setting, right the way through to clothes the models will be wearing – it’s all important and will all have an impact on the overall look and feel of the new style of the brand for social!