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At Brilliant, employee wellbeing sits front and centre, and to reflect this, we’re happy to announce that we’ve welcomed Spill on board as part of our new staff benefits package and it puts professional mental health support at our fingertips.

Spill allows for everyone who works at Brilliant to have access to free, professional mental health support wherever and whenever they need or want it over Teams.

In a busy world where stress and mental health issues affect 1 in 4 people each year in England, it is important that our employees have the resources to look after their mental health and avoid burnout.

Whether employees wish to access free therapy remotely on Teams; a member of the senior team wants to learn more about how to invite emotional intelligence into their management style or for advice on a particular issue; or someone simply wants to use the resources available to better understand their own emotional wellbeing and how to look after it in the best way, Spill is an anonymous, always-there port of call for all employees.

If we have a fully-stocked first aid box available at all times, why shouldn’t we offer a mental health resource that is available at all times too?

We want to provide our team with a set of tools and benefits that support and elevate their lives and not just their careers. We have the ability to implement a resource such as Spill and seeing the service and benefits it provides it was an easy decision to make. The wellbeing of our team is paramount, as they are the bedrock of the company: we asked them what was important and built our entire benefits package around that feedback.”

– Mike, MD

This ties in with our recent move to a 4.5 day work week in the interest of achieving more work-life balance for employees, and offering the opportunity for more flexible from-home working to accommodate different preferred working styles.

“The pressures of today’s society and the always-on nature of an ever digitising world can take their toll, having a therapist on hand and someone to talk to is a small step that Brilliant can take to support positive wellbeing amongst our team. 

Spill isn’t just for work related challenges, its for anything our team want to discuss with a therapist and we feel this is a very important benefit for the company to offer our team.”

– Mike, MD

At Brilliant, we strive to create a working environment where a happy, healthy and successful team can thrive, and offering Spill’s service to employees represents just one of the positive steps forward that we are taking towards this goal.