It might seem straightforward in theory but the art of writing a brief is not to be underestimated.

At Brilliant we’re a creative bunch and when it comes to articulating what we need our Design and Content team to do we’ve got our approach finessed.

Getting the most from our creative vision is what we strive to do for our clients. After we’ve had our creative brainstorms the next task at hand is articulating those ideas into tangible tasks for the team to create great content.

Getting every single piece of information required down is crucial for someone to even consider starting on a piece of work. That sounds like the most obvious thing in the world but in order to get on the right track fast, the devil is in the detail. Presumed knowledge is the enemy and frankly the more information the better for anyone who is creating content.

There are always questions and so there should be. Talking through the brief for both the briefer and the briefed is necessary to avoid ambiguity, challenge the creative boundaries and get a true understanding of the content’s aim. In terms of what good looks like we set the standards high. Great briefs aren’t complicated, they include clear, concise and necessary information.

It takes much practice and there is always room for improvement but that’s what being a Brilliant briefer is all about.