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Happy Birthday to us!

It’s our birthday this week and we’re in full party mode! Because it’s not just any old celebration this year… it’s double digits. The big 1-0… Yes, Brilliant is finally turning TEN!

All the way back in 2011, our founder Laurra created Brilliant as a small digital media consultancy, designed to help brands navigate the confusing world of Twitter.

10 years later, we’re now a fully-fledged creative agency, offering marketing strategies,  communications, branding, graphic design, digital advertising, print, PR, photography and more! 

10 years is a very long time in marketing and we’re so happy we’ve reached such an amazing milestone.

The digital world has changed so much and will continue to do so, but we’ve always worked hard to adapt and diversify with those changes.

We’ve always been quick to recognise the new platforms and content styles that audiences respond to – and we’ve made sure to stay on top of them, building a dedicated design team and keeping our core focus on food and drink.

First it was Twitter, then Instagram and Facebook, now TikTok. And you can bet that whatever the next thing is – we’ll still be here making content for it! 

When Brilliant first started – we were one of the only social media-specific agencies… But now there are thousands of them!

For us to stand out, we’ve always pushed ourselves to give brands distinctive tones of voices and visual styles, helping them to avoid becoming ‘blands’ that echo the same monotonous fake-nice language across all social media.

And in turn, those brands have always stood out too and become characters that consumers can actually relate and engage with!

As our expertise has grown we’ve also been able to help those clients weave these voices through PR work, offline advertising and social media campaigns.

Throughout the decade, we’ve loved nurturing the potential of household names like Very Lazy, Beanies Coffee and Goodfellas, and such successes have helped us secure so many exciting new ones, with Saint Agur, SKIPPY Peanut Butter and St Pierre all coming aboard in the last two years!

Believe it or not, one of the oldest members of the Brilliant team is actually an elephant.

Not a real one, obviously, but our office mascot Rosso The Elephant who has been with us longer than almost all the staff, and is therefore wiser than most.

We’ve always had an eye for talent and when our founder Laurra spotted Rosso gathering dust outside a local Leeds pet shop – she saw what no one else did: a disruptive and exciting icon that symbolises everything Brilliant’s about!

The elephant in the room? He does next to no work.

Reaching our 10th year has felt particularly sweet after the whirlwind of 2020.

Amazingly though, it’s actually been one of huge growth for us and we’ve been so impressed with our team’s at home efforts – winning clients virtually, retaining all our current ones and helping us achieve Brilliant’s first £1million in turnover!

It makes us feel confident about the future of Brilliant, as we’ve made it through a really challenging time and come out the other side looking even better!

In terms of what’s next, the overarching goal for Brilliant will remain the same as it’s always been, and so we’ll continue to strive to be the very best agency for food and drink brands!

Because even though it’s been a Brilliant ten years – we’re still only getting started!

So… see you again in 2031?