The Brief

Having worked with blue cheese favourites Saint Agur, parent food group Savencia sought us out to help develop The Cheese Lover – a social community hub that brings all their brands together under one dairy-loving roof.

Previously a recipe and blog website, our brief was to help develop their social arm, helping forge an engaging, interactive space for cheese fanatics on their channels, as well as a platform to subtly champion Savencia brands.

Our Approach 

To create the community space Savencia needed, it was crucial we honed The Cheese Lover’s personality first, something which could then inform our social media aesthetic.

Through immersion sessions with the Savencia team, we collaborated to fine-tune the TCL persona into an engaging, passionate foodie – a mature dinner party host who’s always full of facts and flavour!

To properly echo this throughout the brand, we then worked at developing this into a fully-fledged tone of voice, drawing on TV chef personalities such as Simon Rimmer and James Martin to capture an affable, intelligent and occasionally witty voice.

Once we were happy with The Cheese Lover’s persona, this then inspired our new look and feel for the brand.


Social Media Strategy – Social Media Management  – Community Management – – Paid Media Management – Food Styling – Photography – Graphic Design – Recipe Creation

To reinforce the brand image, we first introduced a set of identifiable brand colours, using teals and greens to create a more recognisable feed, ensuring the content won’t get lost amongst a sea of social food photography.

Then, to help marry our persona and visuals, we adapted the brand logo into a graphical feature of all content, incorporating a handwritten typography style into the content. This allows ‘The Cheese Lover’ to annotate, give tips and add illustrations to graphics or photography, creating a recognisable motif akin to scribblings in a diary.

Much like a cheeseboard, we’ve also brought a lot of variation to the table in terms of output, with story debates, humorous quotes and quizzes helping to up engagement and increase community management.

The final result is a big celebration of all things cheese, MC’d by the biggest fromage boffin around!


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