The Brief

Looking to evolve its mostly recipe-based content, Tate & Lyle wanted to champion its high-quality produce, sustainable values and trusted reputation… And give a little sugar education along the way!

Sugar is often taken for granted as the key to cakes, sweets and other desserts, a reputation Tate & Lyle helped to serve with baking-focused social media feeds.

But Tate & Lyle isn’t just some sweetener, it’s a premium sugar cane product with incredible sustainability practices. Something they don’t shout about enough!

Shifting the brand’s focus, we’ve helped T&L revise their social media output to bring the product and company ideals front and centre, shaking up any preconceived ideas audiences may have – about both sugar and the brand!

Our Approach 

We worked closely with Tate & Lyle to devise a strategy that celebrated their unsung traits, with new content pillars and themes that would inspire campaigns going forward.

Inspiring audiences to bake better, we would become a portal of education for cane sugar, showcasing and highlighting its sustainability benefits, as well as its superior sugar status.

Then to complement the existing recipe pieces, we looked to bring in more engaging product and people-based content,  using influencers and T&L’s trusted status to drive home their status as the go-to premium choice – a product ‘trusted by the best’.

To package this, our design team looked to reinforce the brand image through a new look and feel, using the classic framed navy logo to inform graphics and presentation. A framing motif helps accentuate the stunning brand photography, while softer, stylised typography helps make T&L more down-to-earth and accessible.

To accompany this new look and feel, we also devised a new tone of voice to help deliver our new sustainability messaging and brand story.

Audience research had revealed that Tate & Lyle were often imagined as a slightly upper-class, upmarket personality – which although not necessarily a bad thing, it may have made our new educational pillars feel worthy or lecturing.

Inspired by Saturday morning TV chefs, T&L’s TOV is now a genuine, caring and knowledgable persona – a passionate foodie who’s proud of their products and wants to share them with you! 


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