The Brief

An iconic institution in British culture, Lyle’s Golden Syrup is an afterthought for too many Gen Zs and millennials. So to give the legacy a little bit of a lift, we were tasked with coaxing the tin out the back of the cupboard and putting it in front of a brand-new audience…

A staple in so many British kitchens, Lyle’s Golden Syrup wanted to target a younger demographic and increase social engagement across the board.

To do this, we devised a strategy that went back to basics. Lyle’s is sweet, it’s sticky and delicious on almost everything – so let’s show people how easy it is to enjoy!

Our Approach 

Focusing on the product’s core offering, our photography team and food stylists set about making some classic Lyle’s recipe content.

From flapjacks in umpteen different ways to pancakes, porridge toppings and sticky toffee puddings, our aim was to capture Golden Syrup as a key ingredient – one that’s great value and reliable for family occasions.

But while recipe ideas, hacks and brand awareness were always going to be a big part of our strategy, the crux of our new content pillars focused on how to target Gen Z.

To attract that particular audience, we needed to devise content that entertains by being reactive, funny and on platforms they actually use!

It’s why we launched Lyle’s first ever Tik Tok account, mixing inspiring recipes and hacks with wilder, inane content such as talking tins, weird challenges and more.

In terms of their existing channels, one missing element in their creative was designed graphics, so our team also worked to develop a new style that helps add some variation and allow for Lyle’s to show its humorous side!

Alongside this, we also updated the Tone of Voice to align better with a younger

demographic, donning a quirky uncle persona that allows us to be both daft and mature, maintaining the trustworthy and friendly personality that had previously been established.


  • Social Media Management
  • Tone of Voice 
  • Social Media Strategy 
  • Community Management
  • Content Creation
  • Photography


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