The Brief

To launch Party Rings’s first-ever social channels and build up brand presence.

Despite being Britain’s most beloved party snack, Party Rings had no official presence on Instagram or Facebook, with user-generated content and fan pages being the only haven for colourful discuit-lovers.

Aiming to tap into that sleeping audience and awaken nostalgia in everyone else, our creative team were able to start afresh with the entire brand, designing a look and feel for socials, while also developing the brand’s personality and tone of voice.

Then through content creation and community management, we’ve begun to grow, establish and capture the internet’s Party Ring obsession, and give it all a place to call home.

This party? It’s only just getting started…

Our Approach 

Party Rings evoke strong feelings of fun and nostalgia for most British audiences, so we’ve made it our mission to capture that essence.

On launching the brand’s very first Instagram and Facebook channels, it was critical we honed down the visual style before anything else, taking inspiration from the already established product.

Through a colour scheme based on their baby blue packaging and iconic pink and white biscuits, our design team fashioned a bright, bubbly and defined look and feel… To the point where it couldn’t be anyone but Party Rings!

From there, we then developed a brand personality and TOV which expressed all the childhood excitement we and others feel for the brand – a Party Rings superfan who’ll champion and go gaga for us, any day, any time.

This personality and visual aesthetic have helped us to begin building a community built on the love and appreciation of the brand, and through harnessing the existing back-catalogue of UGC, we’ve been able to begin fashioning a movement, using gifting, challenges, questions and competitions to gain organic engagement and follower growth.

The dedicated audience already exists, all we have to do is make sure they’re invited to the party!


  • Social Media Management
  • TOV
  • Photography
  • Stop Motion
  • Community Management
  • Content Creation


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