The Brief

To reinvigorate Fox’s Biscuits’ social channels and solidify their position as a leading brand in the sector before HFFS restrictions.

With HFFS laws set to change the face of online advertising, our aim was to bring as many consumers to the Fox’s Biscuits channels before 2023, while also supporting on NPD launches and ATL campaigns.

Fox’s was particularly keen on us creating content that created positive associations with their products and engaged Millennial and Gen Z audiences, both previously untapped by the brand.

This would be achieved through delivering a new brand proposition focusing on generosity, as well as creating a more distinct aesthetic through new graphics, photography and tone of voice work.

In short, a proposition to consolidate exactly what Fox’s is all about… Luxurious, generous and irresistible biscuits!

Our Approach 

Moving away from their pre-existing UGC-based strategies, we’ve sought to give Fox’s a more product-led approach, reinforcing their new ‘generosity brings happiness’ identity.

To do this, we’ve given the socials a more distinct look and feel, with content creation focusing on a warm, distinct photography style, and graphical content designed to drive engagement across Facebook and Instagram.

Further complimenting this content is an entirely new tone of voice that looks to capture the same sentiment, using approachable, open language and heavy use of family-focused and relaxed semantics.

Because we’re not just inviting biscuit lovers into the tin, we’re welcoming them into Fox’s metaphorical home, so our content is all about capturing those special, indulgent moments!

Ultimately though, our main aim is keeping audiences invested and interacting, which means engaging content and community management have been at the forefront of our work.

Besides product-led photography, content is designed to trigger responses, with gifting, questions and competition posts helping gain organic engagement and follower growth.

And by keeping close track of our best organically performing content, we’ll be able to construct Fox’s more fool-proof strategy for when HFFS regulations come in! 


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Tone of Voice Development 
  • Content Creation
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Social Media Management
  • Influencer Activation
  • Community Management


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