VOCATION & Co. is Vocation Brewery’s first bar, so logically it’s in their home town of Hebden Bridge.  Their mission was to we really add something to the community and help them to get closer to people who love beer as much as they do.

After paying the bar a visit (on several occasions) we can say Mission Accomplished. Always with a steady flow of people passing through, it’s already a hit. That isn’t anymore true on the sunny days we’ve visited.

With an ever changing lineup of beers don’t expect to see the same list twice. It’s also not all their own beer – they’ve called upon friends and breweries they truly respect; Magic Rock, Cloudwater, BBNo, Alphabet and Verdant to name but a few.

They’ll also be introducing a Food Menu in the next few weeks, as if we needed another reason to visit.

Address: 10 New Road, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Directions: Click here