4 months in and here’s how our new office has shaped up.

A brew a day keeps the doctor away – so why not enjoy that brew out of a colourful and funky mug. Eggs, watermelon, ice cream… just a few of our new printed mugs to bring our coffee breaks to life.

We’re crazy for bright cushions hence our new addition to the sofas… this should fit in place nicely next to the Zebra & French Bulldog cushions shown in Office update – Pt.1. It’s safe to say our delivery man thinks we’re bananas.

Once you’ve got sofas and cushions all you then need is of course… Netflix. Our new TV arrived just at the right time. We’ve managed to watch England achieve another embarrassing tournament, Euro 2016. We’ve watched Murray do Britain proud at Wimbledon and most of all started Suits.

With new team members arriving it was time to let our inner Blue steel out…

Our new team shots by Tom consisted of some pretty distressed walls (because what inner city agency can do without a bit of brick work behind them) This was followed by a visit to our watering hole… Belgrave.

One thing is for certain I should stay with tweeting… My building skills aren’t as good as I once thought. This was proven by the arrival of our new photography studio light box. This process could have been avoided if Rosso had just offered to help instead of standing over my shoulder.

But… eventually I got it.

We’ve still got a couple of exciting things to arrive in our office and many more ideas. Don’t worry though, no more cushions… For now!