Welcome, Artemis! 
In need of that afternoon pick-me-up, too lazy to put the kettle on? Say hello to your new coffee essential, Artemis Brew. 
Artemis are a cold brew compony based in Leeds. They also happen to be a new client of ours… 
We’re always on the look-out for new collaborations with exciting brands, so we reached out to say hi. One thing lead to another and before long we were enjoying a cold brew together with Artemis owner Ben Barker discussing business plans and how social could play a role in their growth goals… 
Artemis are a great brand with a seriously passionate founder and team. All of their coffee is ethically sourced and expertly roasted and cold brewed with filtered water for 16 hours, triple filtered for clarity and refreshment then bottled and labelled by hand. They also do Nitro – cold brew infused with Nitrogen creating an insanely creamy, smooth almost Guinness like coffee!   
We’re exploring the brand narrative, from bean to bottle and everything in-between. Capturing behind the scenes action straight from the brewery and engaging with stockists and potential new retailers. 
Summer is a very exciting (not to mention busy) time for Artemis, so if you want to find your nearest stockist and keep up to date with Ben and the boys at Artemis please come and join the cold brew revolution!