One of my favourite films to come out in recent years is Chef by Jon Favreau. In case you haven’t seen it, or heard about it, it’s about a Chef (I know right?) For the past 3 years Belgrave Music Hall and Patty Smith’s have held Chef: The Experience as part of Leeds Indie Food Festival, and for the past 2 years I’ve been unable to get tickets. This year I promised myself a) I woudn’t fail, b) leave it too late or c) forget to order tickets. I didn’t and on Sunday evening I got to sit down watch a movie and eat some amazing food whilst doing so, and the best thing I didn’t have to cook it myself.

Chef - Leeds Indie Food

The menu although small, you’d need 2 sittings if you were to cook every single dish seen in the movie, is filling so much so I decided to name this post about it. Yes, I’m actually still stuffed.

First up on the menu is Pasta Agile e Olio. If you seen the film, you’ll remember Scarlett Johansson   looking like she’s waiting for a lover than her dinner, I didn’t sit like that waiting for the first course. I probably could have but that would have probably caused people to leave.

Next you got the now infamous Cheese Toastie. It didn’t disappoint.

Next up were Tostones with chilli vinegar. Tostones are twice fried plantain slices, and if you don’t know what plantains are, they’re an unsweet variety of banana; inedible raw and must be cooked before eating. Thanks Wikipedia.

The Cubans (and true star of the film) I could easily eat one every day. It was far better than the Cuban we featured in our quest to find Leeds’ Best Sandwich and that’s no easy feat.

Cubanos - LIF17

At this point I was full but with two courses to go and a little over 45 minutes of film left I was determined to not be beat. Yuka Fries and Banana Ketchup – booming! I’m definitely going to be making these at home.

Last but not least, Beignets –  the famous New Orleans donut. One word. Amazing and a fantastic sweet finish to the end of the evening.

For me the experience was once in a life time, sure I could go again next year (if it runs) but I think it’s one of those to do only once, I just can’t imagine it been as special second time round (much like the film itself.)

#LIF17 you’ve been great.