If there is anything Leeds has gained in recent years it’s the reputation for producing decent beer. Decent beer produced by some bloody, great breweries*.  One of those breweries is Northern Monk.

Forgive me for been late with this review, the bank holiday excess played hell with me finding the words to commit them to paper. Anyway down to brass tax; Hop City. What a festival. From what I saw on the Saturday PM session was a well thought out event catering to all types of beer lovers; particularly massive Hop Heads like myself (and pretty much everyone in attendance.)

Unlike other Beer Festivals, the organisers of Hop City decided to make sure there was the same beer on at each session ensuring non had run out before every session had at least had the chance to try a particular typical. Big thumbs up for that!

Now on to the beers – I can’t tell you everything I tried as I can no longer remember, but a lot of buzz was around the Alchemist beers – Heady Topper and Focal Banger so naturally went for them first. They weren’t the best of the day.

Focal Banger as expected a very well put together big fruity IPA with enough bitterness to balance it without it being too prominent (it does build, mind).

Heady Topper is a big tasty juicy DIPA. Drunk fresh from the can, as instructed by the can.

The one beer that I do remember fondly and I’m pretty sure, yup, I’ll put it as my favourite of the festival – Verdant’s Putty. It’s got ALLLLL the hops going on. Tropical fruit juice madness. Go search it out!

Food-wise I sampled pretty much everywhere but kept going back to Dim Sum Su. Delicious BBQ Pork and Sriracha Chicken Bao. Need to have this again soon.

See you next year!