It all started when Frankie Fox got a bumper crop of beetroot from her garden and wondered what on earth she was going to do with it all. After all, you don’t waste good food – Frankie’s dad, the original foraging Fox, taught her that! So, she started working on a recipe for an all natural beetroot ketchup.

With much taste testing and product development (led primarily by Frankie’s children!) the 3 flavours of beetroot ketchup were made; The Original Foxy One, The Hot One and The Smoked One. Co-founders Frankie and Desiree have built The Foraging Fox to be a genuine brand which values natural ingredients, home cooking and amazing taste.

The Foraging Fox are also one of our (many!) new clients this month, and we’re so happy to be working with them. It’s an opportunity for us to create a social media presence which is authentic, welcoming and celebrating good food – which is what we do best.

Follow The Foraging Fox on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and make sure you give it a try, it is quite honestly good with everything.