Another month, been and gone.
So what happened in October.

Yorkshire Tea

At the end of October, Yorkshire Tea released a rap across social media platforms. Now I love a good brew but the video and ‘rap’ was just awful.

Naturally, I had to tell them. And they said…

The Walking Dead

On 24th October, the Walking Dead returned to screens after the mother of all cliffhangers at the end of Season Six. This first episode was perhaps the most brutal thing i’ve ever witnessed on TV (no I don’t watch Game of Thrones)
For those that have read the graphic novels you’ll know that Glenn dies and it was inevitably going to crop up at some point. Or would the writers go in a different direction? I for one am glad they didn’t!
People took to social media. They were shocked, sad, completely heart broken and others vowed to not watch the show again:

Victoria Gate

The Victoria Gate centre opened in Leeds to much hoo-ha. It did after all mean John Lewis had finally arrived in the city. Naturally, come opening day it started to trend on social media. We took an early tour, and then another tour, because why wouldn’t you:

This image was a highlight.

And lastly…

Drake's UK Tour

At the start of the month Drake announced his UK tour, but f- that guy £110 a ticket for a mime act.
No thanks!

See you at the end of November!