Updates, Yorkshire Day and the Grim Reaper returns – August Social Media Re-hash 2016

By September 1, 2016Social Media

August was a busy one. It was all fairly great up until just after the bank holiday. We’ll start with some social media updates:

Facebook rolled out a fair few updates, the one that stood out the most was the changes made to its Trending topics algorithm. Facebook’s trending section was a bit of an odd one as it continuously seemed to be outdated and showing topics that had occurred days before and rarely seemed to change throughout the day.

Now it is based on the number of people talking about a particular topic, similar to Twitter’s trend feed.

Instagram caused quite a stir when the ripped on Snapchat and released Instagram stories.

Personally, now i’ve one less app to use. I’ve ditched Snapchat, as have others in the office.

Only time will tell if we go back to using both.

Now onto the fun(ner) parts of August:

Every year on 1st August, Yorkshire celebrates its greatness. Yorkshire Day trends every year, and everyone marvels at wonderful pictures of scenery, local celebrities, good ole Yorkshire wit and local produce.

We celebrate World Elephant Day in style by doing an expo on our office elephant: Rosso. You can read more about him here.

The Great British Bake Off returned to our screens and numbers have boomed (again) As always people just can’t contain themselves:

As if dwindling iPhone sales wasn’t bad enough for Apple, they now see themselves facing an £11 billion tax bill from the EU. The dubbed #AppleTax claims the company illegally obtained a discount on tax from the Irish government and that Tim Cooks the books (note I know Apple has operated in Ireland since the 80s)

Fears it could lead to a Irish exit from the EU seem farfetched but even Ireland have come out in Apple’s corner. What has the world come to when a whole country would leave the EU to side with a major corporation. Oh wait.

And lastly, the world lost the great Gene Wilder. For those not old enough to remember he was the first and best Willy Wonka, and a frequent collaborator of Richard Pryor. Yes, the Grim Reaper returned from his summer jollies and set his sights on another legend.

This blog was written on an iPhone, uploaded on a Mac and read on a iPad