Every month we bookend our blog with a social media rehash examining the most talked about events in social from the previous month. This month is like no other however, it will be our last social media rehash as we look to explore other creative options for our blog.

So long old friend.

The best and worst of December


Man punches Kangaroo.

Yes, you read that right!

Facebook introduced Instagram LIVE.

The Real Junk Food Project garnered national press; showing on ITV and BBC, highlighting an important issue – food waste.

Oh and it was Christmas.


Carrie Fisher passed away.

The world said goodbye to everyone’s favourite Princess. How this will affect the next two Star Wars remains to be seen but we know for certain the galaxy will never be the same again!

In 2016 the world seemed to have gone off its axis. Trump, Brexit, Syria, Bowie, Prince, Wilder. But we’ve also a lot to be grateful for:

There’s an Ebola Vaccine now
Gene responsible for ALS found
Suicide rates down globally
The Ozone layer is repairing itself
Mind controlled robot arms
Wild tigers numbers up for the first time in 100 years
Giant Pandas – No longer endangered
Manatees – No longer endangered
Columbian white tailed deer – No longer endangered
Green Sea Turtles – No longer endangered
Humpback Whales – No longer endangered
Sea World  agreed to no longer breeding captive killer whales
Americas most generous year EVER in charity and aid
China’s most generous year EVER in charity and aid at $15 Billion


And Leo won dat Oscar.

Goodbye 2016, will the last one out switch off the light?