Pokémon, Heatwave, Snake Day and Caroline Aherne – July Social Media Re-hash 2016

By August 4, 2016Social Media

We couldn’t do a monthly round up of the biggest things to happen in social media this month without mentioning Pokémon Go.

It wasn’t all plain sailing. The app crashed due to server meltdown. It was hacked. Twice. And then an update came along that seemed to wipe everyones favourite feature and all the players progress.

We dipped our toes in in a previous blog, but I don’t think even then anyone, ourselves included, could guess just how big of a behemoth this app would be.

But let’s break it down…

43 minutes, 23 seconds

Thats the average time users spend in the app

75 million

App downloads in total (as of 26 July)

$9 billion boost to Nintendo shares (despite them not owning the app, Nintendo point this fact out and shares plummeted)

3 Dead

4 arrests

Over an app! Have we truly lost our way – when an app catching imaginary creatures finally stops people crushing candy and going for a stroll.

Where does it go from here? I’ll bet even Niantic don’t even know that for sure. Talks of allowing stores to purchase certain Pokemon to draw people to their location, the ability to trade caught Pokémon with other users, really upping the social aspect of the game.

Personally, I played for a while (maybe a little too much) but now I’m done. There is too many Drowzees, Pidgeys and Rattattas. My nearest Pokestop is next door… Everyone has a Golduck. The end.

#Heatwave, #HottestDayOfTheYear, #TooHotToSleep, #Scorchio filled our feeds for 7 whole days. Summer came and went. Shorts on. Shorts neatly folded away.

#KimExplosedTaylorParty on #NationalSnakeDay – intentional or not? Personally I believe the Kardashians have the best marketing team ever. Others would say they are just damn good at been famous for famous sake. The hashtag saw Kim play a recording of Taylor accepting Kanye’s verse from Famous. The b*tch part of the conversation is missed out – we’ll leave it there.

Lastly, I’d like to mention Caroline Aherne, The genius behind Mrs Merton, Royale Family and the voice of Gogglebox, who sadly passed away from cancer on 2nd July.

Days prior she had reportedly said ‘I’ve achieved everything I wanted and I am happy’. What a tremendous loss to comedy – despite her not physically gracing our screens often in the last few years.

The most fitting tribute I saw came from Noel Gallagher:

RIP Kaz..💔 I shall sing for you tonight. (My god you made us laugh!)

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who later dedicated Half The World Away to Aherne at his gig in Nashville: