When tasked with speaking on the subject of social media my brain goes into a bit of overdrive but to be honest, in terms of being ‘original’ there’s not a great deal more to say than what can be read in the countless blogs of ‘social media gurus’ and marketing whizz kids.

However, it was with pleasure that I agreed to be one of the five industry expert speakers at this month’s Marketing Leaders Masterclass, taking place at Elmwood’s Leeds office in Holbeck on Tuesday 21st April. A half day session consisting of five individual masterclasses on a range of marketing topics including – social media,, PR, digital, consumer insight and creative, run by:

Speakers are:

 Ian Lloyd, Director of Digital Operations at WMG
 Simon Preece, Director of Effectiveness & Sarah Dear, Managing Director at Elmwood
 Duncan McCallum, Founding Partner at McCallum Layton
 Stuart Bruce, International PR Advisor at Stuart Bruce Associates

And me!

At Brilliant a key part of our social media strategy development includes an in-depth look at creating a social tone of voice and personality. Often this is wrapped into a dedicated tone of voice workshop where we spend several hours exploring potential options, using a variety of exercises before coming up with a brand style and series of sample content that is then tested on their social channels and adapted based on engagement rate and audience feedback. So we don’t take getting it ‘just right’ it lightly.

Social tone of voice is one of the most overlooked yet undervalued assets a brand can have online – it can make the difference between engaging and alienating an audience. I’ll be exploring why playing it safe (or using the cookie-cutter tone of voice so often used by brands – friendly, polite, chatty etc) can result in disengagement and a disjointed brand proposition.

Having a clear tone of voice isn’t simply a ‘nice to have’, it is a ‘must have’ and brands without one are suffering online. Consumers are wise, they’ve seen and heard it all before so if your content doesn’t evoke a response then you might as well have not bothered. It’s no longer a case of making sure you have a tick in a box which says ‘yep – social media, we’re doing that’ it’s about building up a genuine presence online – one that lives and responds and most importantly – is recognizable.

So that’s what I’ll be talking about, and you can view the other speakers’ topics here.

If you’d like to attend The Marketing Leaders Masterclass in Leeds on Tuesday 21st April, click here for further details and how to book.