There’s been a lot of changes in the social realm this last few weeks. So much, you might have missed it. Here are the highlights:

Snap Inc

Snapchat’s parent company finally floated on the stock market and raised $3.4 billion as investors set aside concerns for a piece of the hottest tech IPO for decades. Sadly, it was short lived and after 3 days Snap Inc. was trading at a 12% loss.

So what does the future hold for Snap. Well, it’s for certain they won’t be relying just on the app to make money. Their IPO filing stated they are a camera company??? They did just release some spectacles but what else do they have up their sleeve. Time will tell!

Instagram Album

Instagram are rolling out all the features lately. Their latest effort, Albums, allows users to upload up to 10 images in one post. The feature, pretty much identical to Facebook’s carousel, enables users to swipe for additional content where they can see the icon. So how has it been utilised so far?

We’ve seen Panoramas, Step by Step guides including recipes, A day in the life of updates, and lastly multiple video updates.

Facebook TV

Not that the two are related but this past week, Facebook announced two things relating to the living room. The first; an Apple TV app for watching videos on Facebook. Yep, they didn’t have one until now.

Secondly, the Wall Street Journal announced Facebook is accepting pitches for original 30 minutes shows, as it plans to create it’s own content. Netflix should be very worried, if the shows are any good that is.