#GBBO (Outrage),  #QualityStreets (FUMING), #Brangelina (Shock)- September Social Media Re-hash 2016

For those living under a rock, the Great British Bake Off (#GBBO) returned to our screens and with it came even higher ratings and some superb online reactions:

But this year… we saw uproar as the BBC failed to renegotiate with Bake Off owners and Channel swept up the rights. And Paul Hollywood. He followed the money. SHOCK!

Mel and Sue, Mary all decided to stay with the beeb who are rumoured to be working on a new version.

More uproar followed when #QualityStreets announced they would be removing the Toffee Deluxe due to too many complaints about toffee flavoured chocolates. I only ever counted 2. #RealBritishProblems

I’m fuming!

As if all that wasn’t enough…. the world was shocked to hear that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be divorcing. Rumours circled and the internet had its usual fun.

As did the New York Post…

September you were pretty entertaining!