Everyone has a different striking memory from 2018. Some will always remember the good, some the bad, but we’re remembering the downright funny — learning from the best April Fool’s pranks of 2018 to inspire our 2019 efforts.

The lighter side of Brexit

Along with the serious decisions that will affect our government policies, economy, livelihoods and culture, there have also been some important debates about symbolic changes to our lives. For example, will British passports be burgundy or dark blue post-Brexit? Will this symbolic return to pre European Union life actually impact our mindsets long term? Only time will tell… but whilst we pontificate over this, the European Parliament decided to have a little fun, trolling Britain, and our passport debate in one fell swoop.

Giving us space

Whisky lovers can spend hours arguing the pros and cons of their favourite malts, whisky fanatics will be arguing over the way we’re spelling whisky today. 

Whisky varieties are like snowflakes, and often it’s the smallest of things that sets one brand apart from another. Sometimes though, the differences in treatment are a little bigger. Take Jameson’s, who decided to launch a new whiskey (into space) this April Fool’s Day. Yes, you read that correctly. After being matured for a number of years at Midleton County Cork, Jameson Space Aged is finished off in outer space, for that unassailable combination of altitude, pressure and solar radiation that can make a good whiskey great… or so they said.

One for the millennials

With millennials eschewing so many flavours and behaviours, there will undoubtedly be new traditions and dietary staples that come into place instead. Coca-Cola’s April Fool of 2018 was the introduction of three new flavours for the Instagram generation: Sourdough, Avocado and Charcoal. Perfect for the generation obsessed by artisanal brunches, right? Judging by the conversation floating around our team as the conversation turned towards new year’s resolutions, at least two of those flavours could have been a hit in the Brilliant office.

Fizzing with excitement

SodaStream has always experienced peaks and troughs in popularity since its inception, and like all long-lasting businesses, it’s having to find ways to stay in the minds of an ever-changing audience. In 2018, this led to partnering with reality star Reza Farahan and Thor Bjornsson (better known as The Mountain in Game of Thrones) to seemingly launch the SodaSoak — a contraption promising to give buyers a fizzy bathtime, and who doesn’t want that

An unholy alliance of flavours

Heinz took their 2018 marketing efforts to new heights by teasing the release of a brand new product: chocolate mayonnaise. Chocolate and mayonnaise is a flavour combination no one ever asked for, but the engagements never lie, and for a day at least we were all contemplating our favourite condiments, and for a week we couldn’t look at mayo the same way.

But what will 2019 hold?

Those are closely guarded secrets that we can only speculate about. So, as always, we have to wait with bated breath to find out what April Fool’s pranks will be coming our way next.