It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the first iPhone launched in stores and just how much it changed things. I make no secret of being an Apple fanboy (I’ve wrote several blogs for Brilliant about them in the past), but I can’t help but feel as many others do that Apple simply haven’t innovated enough since Steve Jobs passed away.

Then yesterday’s Keynote happened and along with the usual baby step upgrades to the Apple Watch, the Apple TV (now in 4K woo!) and then ‘the-ever-so-slightly-different-iPhone 7’ iPhone 8 (now with wireless charging), came the announcement of the iPhone X (ten)

Did someone at Apple forget to count? Not only did they miss 9 entirely, it is in fact the 12th iPhone to be released. I know, I know it’s the 10th anniversary but surely just release a series of 10th anniversary phones. I don’t get Apple’s marketing at all these days…

That and they charge £179 for a keyboard. Rant over

Despite that I will be getting an iPhone X simply because I don’t want to move to the Android ecosystem and I want to mess around with that poo emoji facial recognition.