So, as you may know the sun has made an appearance over the past week which has got us in the summer mood! For all you music addicts or party animals this also means that festival season is nearly upon us… whoop whoop! 

The question I’d like to ask you all is… which festival manages to keep you hooked all year round through a visually engaging Instagram? Not really noticed? Well, it’s time we dissected three of the big boys to see how they utilise this platform to its max. I’ll be rating these festivals in two different ways: ‘Overall appearance’ and most importantly, ‘Would I follow them?’

So lets get started! First on the bill is the world renowned Glastonbury Festival. @glastofest

Overall appearance – The overall appearance of this feed is a slight let-down to me. As you know it’s one of the biggest festivals in the world, so you’d think they’d have one of the best feeds to support that. None of the imagery really matches up and creates a cohesive feed which is a real shame! The odd image works really well, though… And they do also manage to get great behind the scenes shots, as you would imagine with some off the BIG names they manage to sign onto the lineup.

Would I follow Them? – No. Slight letdown and not really something I’d want to see on my feed. 

Here are a few of my fave images of the feed – 

Number two on the list is Hideout! @hideoutfestival

Overall appearance – Hideout have one slight advantage over the other two I’ve chosen to look at in this blog… It’s in Croatia. So yes it is guaranteed awesome weather which means it’s kinda guaranteed awesome pictures. The music at Hideout has shaped the Instagram with sharp edged graphics, video and pretty busy imagery. This feed to me is a little busy but also has the odd gem hidden in it.

Would I follow Them? – Yep. Need those summer vibes all year round. 

  Check out what I think the hidden gems are here – 

Last but not least is Lost Village. @lostvillagefestival

Overall appearance – Love it. Every image is thought about and contains little parts of branding to really help push the festival identity. There’s a good use of images showing acts, areas of the campsite, the actual festival area and people who have attended the festival. Every image works well on its own but also when you take a look at the feed it looks well planned and something I’d recommend you to follow if you’ve not already. 

Would I follow Them? – Yes! 100%. 

Check these pics I’ver pulled from the feed –

If you’ve got any comments or festival feeds you’d like to shoot across and share with me that would be great! Oh, and in the meantime… Enjoy the sunshine! 😉