Vocation Brewery

Brewing up something original for Vocation 

The Brief

The quality beers that these passionate, craft brewers produce speak for themselves, but telling their brand story required our expertise. Having a highly engaged audience of craft beer fans already, they needed a way to communicate their journey authentically as they gained their place as one of the UK’s largest craft brewers and their top-notch beers attracted more fans from the mainstream.

Our Approach 

Working closely with the team to deliver on-brand, authentic content that gives them a consistent line of communication with their customers and beer lovers across the UK. From developing a photographic style and tone of voice to engaging daily with fans, we managed the entire process. Leaving the guys at Vocation to focus on what they did best – making great beer.


Social Media Management – Community Management – Graphic Design – Photography – Merchandise – Animation – Film 

A matter of life and death… 

The crown jewel in our campaign work for Vocation was no doubt our Life & Death campaign.   This brand awareness campaign capitalised on new nationwide listings of their core range, particularly their flagship IPA, Life & Death.

The campaign centred around the biblical references to life and death, heaven and hell, and the conflict of Good vs Evil. A new, powerfully visual style (reminiscent of Dante’s inferno or an Iron Maiden album cover) took elements of the can design and brought them to life on social media. Our communications mirrored this religious theme, spreading the gospel of quality IPA with references to a beer-soaked version of the Book of Genesis:

“Try the golden liquid, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall know the taste of great IPA.”⠀⠀⠀

Genesis 3, verses 4-5, The Beer Bible. 

The blend of photography, motion and illustration across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube prominently features and reinforces the brand in order to create awareness and mental availability.

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