The Brief

Create the Missionworks brand – a strong concept that celebrates and champions the co-working philosophy of the ergonomic spaces.

Beginning life as a 19th century Sunday school, the Missionworks building is a vast, beautiful space, transformed into a holistic, ergonomic workspace by the ingenious Lambeth Group.


Brand Positioning – Brand Logo & Guidelines – Website Design & Build – Merchandise  

Our Approach 

Encouraged by their holistic outlook, we built the Missonworks brand around the work of famed psychologist Jean Piaget and his three pillars of life – The Personal, The Social and The Physical – three cornerstones of a healthy work-life balance.

To cement the concept, we then weaved these ideals through our art direction and brand guidelines – creating colour palettes, typography, copylines, and illustrative work that reflects the calm nature of the building itself – a nourishing experience for the mind, body, and soul!

We’re particularly proud of their new website, which we built from scratch – exploring the building through architectural animations, and using fully responsive features for a seamless delivery of the Missonworks purpose.

Our strategies here on out will also help the Lambeth Group stand out in London’s competitive workspace scene – for both consumers and investors. As through sales decks, merchandise and business cards, our visuals and copy perfectly capture the Missionworks experience and precisely echo the holistic concept.

We’re proud to have been part of the story and can’t wait for people to explore the space for themselves!