Goodfella’s Pizza 

A bigger slice of the action for Goodfella’s

The Brief

As the UK and Ireland’s most loved frozen pizza brand, Goodfella’s needed a social presence that both entertained their audience and served as a reactive and professional customer service team.

Our Approach 

Working alongside the UK and Ireland brand teams, Brilliant developed a calendar of creative and promotional alongside launching Goodfella’s onto Instagram with a continuous grid spanning over 48 boxes!

In 2018 Brilliant supported the launch of the new Goodfella’s Vegan Pizza, building up anticipation within the vegan community and managing the huge influx of customer service enquiries during and after the launch period (they were so popular Goodfella’s couldn’t make the pizzas quick enough and kept selling out!)


Social Strategy – Social Media Management – Community Management – Film – Design 

Goodfella’s began working Brilliant in September 2017. Right from the off, Brilliant began to create engaging content, alongside a wider strategy of building up the Goodfella’s presence on social. We also worked collaboratively to launch the Goodfella’s Instagram, which has greatly driven the awareness of our NPD launches. As well as content, Brilliant have also managed the customer service elements of our social channels. This has been carried out with the utmost professionalism throughout. Brilliant have also jumped on any customer complaints in a timely and efficient manner, offering feedback to the customer almost straight away.

Alex Brown - Brand ManagerGoodfella's Pizza

Brilliant have worked proactively to seek out measures to further drive our NPD launches, with a particular reference to our Goodfella’s Vegan SKU that launched in April 2018. Quarterly meetings between the Goodfella’s and Brilliant Teams helped align KPIs throughout our time together.Brilliant worked closely with our PR agency to maximise the awareness and engagement of a campaign to drive the premium restaurant quality of our new Goodfella’s Romano range. This involved creating Romano specific content, and engaging with influencers to drive the range.

Alex Brown - Brand ManagerGoodfella's Pizza