Pots of fun for Fruitypot  

The Brief

Fruitypot asked us to inject some flavour and energy into their fruit in a pot brand – typically eaten by an older audience it was time to modernise the style for a much much younger audience – namely the 13-18 year old female audience that enjoy Fruitypot at school.

Our Approach 

Developing a youthful and cool tone of voice and visual style, Fruitypot gained its own fan club and is inspiring young women to be themselves through the thoughtful and motivating content.


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We have worked with Brilliant on social media for our brands for a number of years now, and are always impressed with their work and passion for what they do. They consistently come up with innovative content that resonates with and engages our followers and translates into measurable results for our brands.

Caroline Reynolds - Sales and Marketing ControllerCaterers Choice