The Brief

Every chef knows you’re only ever as good as your last plate of food so knowing your ingredients will be consistently the best you can source is essential. 

Tuber Produce came to use with a simple brief – create a premium brand for their premium vegetables, helping the chefs who use them bring only the very best to the table each and every time.


Brand Name – Brand Positioning – Brand Logo & Guidelines – TOV – Packaging Design 

Our Approach 

We created a new style brand name ‘Chef’s Best’ along with a premium identity and tone of voice that reflects the high standards Chef’s Best hold themselves to.

The imagery is rich in organic textures and details, symbolic of the hard work Chef’s Best put into sourcing every piece of produce.

From their logo to their typography, we’ve helped create a flourish and a finesse around the brand. 

Consistency is everything in this industry and when it comes to serving an outstanding plate of food at every table – only the very best will do.

For Chef’s Best, we’ve made supplying the gold standard, their only standard.