Binghams Potted Meats 

The beefy brand everyone wants to meat  

The Brief

Binghams have been making quality potted meat in Sheffield for over 100 years and it’s fair to say when we started working with them in 2016, using social media wasn’t high on their to-do list. But with our help, and a little encouragement to get started they now have a Facebook page many brands would love to have, with a highly engaged audience of ‘Binghams Beefies’ who not only celebrate the brand but are driving their sales and increased listings.


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Our Approach 

Can you turn a page about potted meat into a highly engaged community? Yep!
The Binghams Facebook page celebrates everything that’s great about Yorkshire along with plenty of self-congratulatory humour that drives the cult following we are building for this potted meat brand.

This is a community who not only purchase on a regular basis but share the brand with friends and family… creating true advocates for this much loved Yorkshire favourite.


Social Media Management  – Community Management – Out of Home Campaigns – Paid Media Management –  Merchandise – Food Styling – Photography – Graphic Design – Film  

We selected Brilliant because they had done good work for other food and drink brands. In the first month they have doubled our followers on Facebook with some excellent quality posts, really engaging with our consumers.

Peter Moon - Owner -Binghams Food

The most famous bus stop in Yorkshire

An out of home campaign in Sheffield with a few famous faces to boot.