Social media is currently in a state of a flux — always changing and forever evolving. So, in this brand new year, what can we expect to see in the digital scape?


Social media has become the newest canvas for sharing stories. We can see this through fleshed-out campaigns, cohesive imagery, and skilled copy that really makes you feel something. With the optimisation of A.R. and V.R., this is the year that consumers will be able to live your brand.

More Vicarious Experiences

Tying into the above two comes the rise of living vicariously through social media, and using it as a more moment-focused medium. How can this be done?

Through 360 degree photographs, real-time posting, and live video that stream experiences we’re currently unable to have, whether it’s trekking through the mountains, wandering in glorious countryside, or even hanging out with some puppies!


With the increased popularity of live streaming, and of moving images on Instagram, video looks set to be the next visual frontier. Expect to see lots of gifs, enhanced online cinematography, and live broadcasts of interviews with brands!

Less Automation

SproutSocial have declared that “despite the projected popularity of customer service chatbots, automation will likely become less of a factor in 2017.”

Does anyone remember ASOS’ meltdown a few years ago? There’s an increasing desire for authenticity and connection when it comes to customer service. We’ve blogged about this here!

Increased use of messaging apps

Messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are used by 4 billion people worldwide, so there’s unbelievable scope for the results of tapping into this.

Lingerie brand Agent Provocateur recently set the precedent for its capabilities by inviting customers and their partner to interact with an AP Agent in a WhatsApp conversation to help uncover their Christmas wish list and suggest accordant items from their Christmas collection to suit their personality.

Social Shopping on the Rise

With the implementation of social media marketplaces, you now don’t even need to leave Facebook in order to purchase! This is great in reducing the clicks in a sale, retaining and engaging your potential audience. Social media can be more instrumental in purchases than ever before!

What’s most exciting you about social media in 2017?