It’s that time of year again…

Every year, Apple holds its Worldwide Developers Conference at the Moscone West convention center (it’s spelt wrong) in San Francisco, and eyes the world over tune in to see if Apple can still innovate. Recent years have seen some interesting developments in both OS X and iOS – and this year, fingers crossed will be exactly the same.

So just what can we expect from the Cupertino titans this year. Well OS X is to become macOS to be more in line with tvOS, iOS and watchOS.

The biggest changes hint that Siri, that sassy automated assistant may come to Mac in the latest version of OS X – whose name will probably be something like Venice or PCH. Siri is also set to become a whole lot more powerful and finally be opened up to developers. Who knows where this could take the service…

Only one year after Apple Music launched and it’s due a major overhaul. The majority of reviews were less than stellar, ours on the other hand was a little kinder. We might have been a little to kind; the UI is a mess, syncing between downloads and streaming songs is a nightmare. 9to5Mac says that means shifting over to a black-and-white UI that puts more emphasis on album art, also putting more of an emphasis on the ‘For You’ section – this will be welcomed with open arms.

The Connect section, Apple’s updated Ping, is also going. Like anyone uses it anyway!

Apple Pay, which launched in the UK this March is also expected to receive some updates such as person-to-person payments, payment to web browsers, and even using an iPhone to verify payment on your Mac browser. That’d be nice!

We can also expect significant updates to iCloud and security, after Apple’s well publicised fisticuffs with the FBI. Rumors have suggested Apple is working on implementing stronger security measures “even it can’t hack” to protect iOS devices.

Hopes of the Apple Watch 2 been unveiled are dashed day by day, as no mock ups have come to light… And no further hardware announcements are expected, but Apple did say they were doubling down on secrecy, so who knows.

One more thing… (just kidding)