Us dear folks at Brilliant Social Media are an uncommon bunch. We look for brands that speak to our thirst for things just outside the normal run of the mill. As such, we are truly thrilled to begin work with Coloradian purveyors of pop, Soda Folk!

The brainchild of genuine fizzkid, Ken Graham, Soda Folk has being selling seriously good American-style soda on the shores of the UK for over 2 years now. The current cans on offer include a damn good Root Beer made using a careful mix vanilla, cane sugar and pure maple syrup; along with a unsurprisingly creamy Cream Soda made with a blend of Madagascan vanilla extracts and bit of cedar and smokiness!

These flavours are undeniably lacking in the fridges of the UK pub & bar scene, a fact that a frustrated Ken found on his arrival to the UK from Colorado. As such, he set out to get the flavours of his youth widely available.

What separates Soda Folk from other brands in the soft drink industry is it’s unabashed appreciation for uncommon folk. Every flavour has a real life person donning it’s can – with each person having a very curious and heartwarming story behind it. We can’t wait to share these awesome stories to 1000s of people on social media!

We can’t wait to introduce this truly unique brand to loads more adoring fans across the UK!