Considering Donald Trump is the “Leader of the Free World”, the very fact that the above question is being considered is almost unbelievable. Nonetheless, many have called for the President’s Twitter to be confiscated. Just last night, protesters outside of Twitter HQ in San Francisco claimed that due to Trump’s tendency to post “hateful and bigoted” content, “Twitter is allowing itself to be the mouthpiece of fascism and the greatest propaganda machine the world has ever known.”

The @realDonaldTrump account has been no stranger to provocative proclamations over the years. Ranging from speculations towards Barack Obama’s place of birth to relationship advice for Robert Pattison.

Many people, including Twitter employees, have found the platform a way for Donald Trump to espouse hateful rhetoric and claim that this lead directly to his election in November. “Twitter helped in promoting Trump. Twitter helped in spreading falsehoods and lies,” Marina Zhao, an engineer for the company tweeted in reaction to Trump’s win.

Another former Twitter employee claimed in an article with Verge that “banning [Trump] is definitely a conversation that people are having, but only because we have to have the conversation,” the staffer said. “It would take something really deplorable for a ban, and I highly doubt even Trump is that stupid.”

The man himself is most certainly not going to stop. He sees the social network as the perfect vehicle to circumnavigate the “crooked mainstream media” and talk directly and candidly to his millions of followers online.

Nonetheless, a poll ran by NBC/WSJ last week found that 69 percent of US citizens believe the President’s Twitter habits are a “bad thing” and want him to cut back. Just 26 percent of respondents said Trump’s use of Twitter is good, agreeing with the statement that “it allows a president to directly communicate to people immediately.”

Well....should Twitter ban him?

I for one think Twitter is ideally suited for Trump who’s most complex thoughts can seemingly be summed up in less than 140 characters.

Banning the man isn’t the answer. As Oscar Wilde said “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself.”